Counseling of Alexandria

We offer therapy services for adults.

Therapy for Adults

Often the hardest step towards resolution is the first step.  You are here because you have been navigating through life, struggling with something that prevents you from being your best. You are contemplating a change for the better, but there may be some reservations about the therapy process. Psychotherapy is not like what you see on television. We do not believe that we are all-knowing nor that analyzing you will offer you the most help.

In contrast, we see you as the expert of your own life and therefore partner with you.  We are here to support and empathize with you on your journey, helping you find the answers. This is based in a firm belief that we are all striving to do our best, but sometimes there’s a roadblock. We are here to help you problem-solve and overcome the barriers, while equipping you with how to do this on your own in the future.   Many people seek out psychotherapy because they want to improve relationships, are going through life changes, grief, depression, anxiety, separation or divorce, or just want to feel better. Let’s take the first step together and start to restore the balance in your life.

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