Counseling of Alexandria

How we can help you. 

At Counseling of Alexandria, we understand that starting the therapy process can be intimidating and anxiety-producing in itself and taking the first step is huge. We are here to support you and honor the journey you are taking toward a better life for you, your child or your family. Perhaps everything looks okay on the surface, but inside you struggle, a nagging feeling that won't go away. You know what it is, you just haven't been able to overcome it on your own. 

At Counseling of Alexandria, we use research-tested methods that include more than sitting and talking. We do this because we know that intellectually “getting it” does not necessarily mean healing. 

We are rooted in the belief that not only our mind but our body remembers and that healing is a whole-person model, not just in our heads.  This is why we are trained and specialize in modalities such as EMDR Therapy, Art Therapy and Play Therapy.  We collaborate with other practitioners in the area that we have hand-selected to complement our treatments that include acupuncturists, coaches, naturopathic doctors and physicians. 

Our practice includes experts in Play Therapy, EMDR Therapy, and supervision for LCSW/LICSW candidates. We offer individual therapy for children as young as 3, tough adolescents and stuck adults across the lifespan. We are passionate about using the integration of talk therapy and expressive therapies including; sandtray, art therapy, play, mindfulness and EMDR Therapy. 

Here's a recent testimony-

I can't thank you enough! My husband and I felt so pushed away and pushed to our limits for so long, that I think being affectionate became a chore. Once Annie started working with you, we started to see our sweetheart again. I hadn't realized how little I was hearing her laugh until it started to come back. And most importantly, we started snuggling again - even when it felt uncomfortable. Even when our feelings of hurt and frustration made it hard to show that kind of open physical affection. But slowly, the actions really helped us grow closer. And the healing and changes that you helped us to make at home have really helped Annie to find her smile again. Thank you again!-B

Reasons why people seek us out for psychotherapy vary, but some concerns include; relationship difficulties, life transitions, traumas, depression, anxiety and parenting support.  At Counseling of Alexandria, our mission is to help you become empowered and heal from within with a you-centered and down-to-earth approach. We love serving our Greater Washington, DC community of Alexandria, Arlington, Annandale, VA, Oxon Hill and Fort Washington, MD and Washington, DC. Call today for a free phone consultation at 703.650.9195 or email to start cultivating positive change today! 

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